Laminated Rugs

  • Our Products

    Our Products
    Nikzad Industrial Arts provides the following range of products in different sizes:

    • 1 Laminated Rugs with Traditional and Modern design
    • 2 Decorative Rugs
    • 3 Soft-Pic Rugs, which can be used to protect carpets or as a Picnic Ground Cloth.
    • 4 Customized Rugs, based on customer special orders in different size and designs.
  • Our Specialty

    We are specialist in designing and producing several kinds of machine-made Traditional, Modern, Decorative, Laminated and Soft Rugs.
    Our powerful DESIGN capability is the result of years of innovation in our products, deep view to the beauty of rugs, and using modern design methods. Nikzad Industrial Arts is capable of designing carpets and rugs in different sizes and designs.
    Having specialised and modern machineries, effective production processes, and accurate quality control procedures, Nikzad Industrial Arts is capable of producing machine-made rugs in different sized and requirements.

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